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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Moteng's Return Policy

A. View our Return Policy here.

Q. How can I pay for my invoices?

A. Moteng allows for many different payment options. You can apply for NET Terms by completing our credit application. We can charge a credit card once you give us authorization or wire transfer payments for those requesting it. Note: all new international customers must initially pay via wire transfer prior to shipment.

Q. Can I pay down my NET terms using a credit card?

A. While you can pay down a NET terms invoice using a credit card a 2% FEE will be assessed on past due invoice payments paid using credit cards.

Q. When do I take ownership of my order?

A. Moteng ships all goods FOB Origin, meaning the risk of loss and the ownership transfer at our warehouse dock. Once the carrier picks up your order you take ownership and are responsible for any loss, customs, duties, taxes, and regulations related to your order. Moteng will help you coordinate with the shipper if the order is lost or damaged in transit and also will insure the shipment at your cost (view our shipping policy here).

Q. What happens to back ordered items?

A. There are several options available for back ordered items. Ideally, there would never be back orders but Moteng offers so many items that it is impossible to stock them all. During ordering, you can choose to either ship the order complete or ship with back orders. When those back orders arrive, your sales representative can either automatically ship them as they arrive, or call you before shipping. Drop ship orders are help until complete unless otherwise notified.

Q. Can I will-call my orders?

A. No, we currently do not offer Will Call orders.

Q. Does Moteng exhibit at any shows?

A. Yes. Moteng exhibits at the SHOT Show and Blade Show every year. In addition, we walk many other shows looking for new brands and meeting with our key brand representatives.

Q. How do I become a vendor of Moteng?

A. If you would like Moteng to add your brand and products to our inventory, please complete the New Vendor worksheet and fax or e-mail back to us.

Q. Where can I download your images?

A. A directory with all primary Moteng images can be downloaded at ftp://productimages.moteng.com. Secondary images are available for many items and can be downloaded at ftp://detailimages.moteng.com. If you need a specific image please contact your Moteng Sales Representative for assistance.

Q. Are there any fees or costs to drop ship my orders?

A. Moteng does not charge a standard drop ship fee for all orders. Certain Small Order Fees may apply as detailed below:
Orders $100 and above have no fee.
Orders between $10.01 and $100 will have a $1 fee
Orders $10 or less will have a $4 fee

Q. How do I track my orders?

A. Get your tracking numbers electronically via FTP, by email in our nightly tracking emails, or www.moteng.com under My Account, Transaction History. Click on Recent Shipments to view details.

Q. What happens to my drop ship order if there are items out of stock?

A. If all of the products on your drop ship order are in stock, Moteng will immediately fulfill the order. Any orders that are only partially in stock will be held until 100% of the order is filled. Requests to ship partial orders must be communicated to your Sales Representative ahead of time.

Q. What paperwork is required to open an account with Moteng?

A. 1. A copy of your state resale license or its equivalent for your state.
2. A copy of your state business license.
3. A copy of your EIN notification from the IRS.
4. A completed and signed Credit Application form.

Q. How do I receive updates on new product and availability?

A. Visit www.moteng.com for a listing of New Products, Discontinued Products, Best Sellers, and Specials. Moteng can also provide you with our product data file (descriptions, dealer prices, SKUs, UPCs, etc.) and hourly inventory status file via FTP. Contact your Sales Representative for the qualification details.

Q. How do I place drop ship orders?

A. Individual drop ship orders can be placed online at www.moteng.com. Electronic batch files are available for higher volume customers with automation. Ask your Moteng Sales Rep for details.

Q. How do I become a drop ship customer?

A. Anyone with a wholesale account with Moteng can drop ship.

Q. How do I register on your website?

A. Fill out the Become a Customer information on www.moteng.com and provide us with a copy of your Business License or Sate Resale Certificate. We will assign you a unique account number, and you will receive an email with your log in instructions.

Q. Who pays for shipping?

A. The drop shipper is responsible for all shipping charges and will be billed by Moteng.

Q. Can I choose which freight method to use?

A. Yes. Moteng offers UPS and USPS services as our default shippers. We also utilize FedEx for certain bulk shipments.

Q. What about Sales Tax?

A. Moteng only sells to qualified dealers and does not charge sales tax on re-sale orders.

Q. Can I add my own items in packages?

A. Yes. Moteng is able to add your promotional items such as your company's pens or flyers to your orders. Additional charges will apply.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes. Moteng does ship internationally. All customs, duties and taxes incurred in shipping are the responsibility of the customer. Additionally it is your responsibility to know the laws and regulations of any destination that you ship to in regards to product, shipping and sales restrictions. Moteng does not drop ship outside of the United States and Canada.

Q. How do you handle returns?

A. View our return policy here.

Q. When will my order ship?

A. Your order will ship out within 24 hours and tracking will be posted and emailed to you overnight. Please note that on certain high volume days, i.e., Black Friday and Cyber Monday, etc., shipping may be slightly delayed.

Q. What price do I pay for items being drop shipped?

A. You pay the current wholesale price for all items. All sale and special pricing will also apply to drop ship orders. Small order fee may apply.

Q. Are there any retail pricing restrictions?

A. Yes. Please contact your sales representative for the current list of vendor MAAP (Minimum Allowed Advertised Pricing) Programs.

Q. What is a FTP site?

A. The definition of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that allows users to copy or exchange files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network.

Q. How do I obtain an electronic pricelist?

A. Log onto www.moteng.com - From the home page, click on Data Feed / Price Lists.

Q. What paperwork is included in a drop ship order?

A. Your customer will receive a packing list with no mention of Moteng or the wholesale prices you pay. You can even customize the packing slip with your company logo at no additional cost.