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If you are looking to buy any of the products distributed by Moteng please click here to email us and we will refer you to an authorized dealer in your area. Be sure to include your zip code so we can provide the dealer closest to your location.

Moteng provides store owners and online dealers nationwide with fast, competitive and reliable access to tens of thousands of quality, brand name Knives, Tools, Kitchen Cutlery, Public Safety Products, Camping & Outdoor, Flashlights, and Gift items. We offer complete wholesale pricing, exceptional customer service and complete dropship services. If required, download a Credit Application form here or a Credit Card Authorization form here.  

If you are a Business, Store Owner, or Manager and wish to open an account with Moteng, please fill in the form below to start ordering from our wide selection of wholesale merchandise. If your website is already set up and you are currently shipping items, fill out the form below. Once your information is received and verified, you will be emailed an account login and password. If you are a start up website or thinking about creating a website using our items, click on the Internet Stores link found in the lower right corner of our Home Page, then click on the blue Turnkey Website block.  

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*Please note that a limited number of products have export and drop shipment restrictions. For further information, please contact your Moteng Sales Representative.
"I have read and agree to the Terms of Service provided by Moteng North America. I also attest that I am applying on behalf of a registered business and am able to provide proof of business via official document from a Local City Government, State Department or the Federal Government."

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